Café del Mondo is a household name in Amsterdam. Situated on the Nieuwmarkt (New Market) in Amsterdam and centrally located in Mokum, Café del Mondo is more than just a pub. It is a small venue with plenty of events. Twice a week there is live music. On Saturday, the place goes wild. And when Ajax plays, Café del Mondo is briefly transformed into a miniature Johan Cruijff Arena during Ajax Live. The coffee is fair trade, the drinks are chosen with care, as are the snacks which are always fresh and locally supplied. Café del Mondo is exactly what an Amsterdam pub should be: friendly, welcoming, and down-to-earth.



Café del Mondo, founded in 1994, owes its name to the French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. 'He was almost the spitting image of my father. My mother was a fan of both,' says founder and owner Barry van den Berg. 'That's why I named the café Belmondo, as a tribute to both my father and Belmondo.' Unfortunately, we had to change the name once the actor got wind of it, which we thought was a shame. But now it's Café del Mondo,’ which has become a household name in Amsterdam!'

Café del Mondo, Amsterdam - Live muziek

LIVE music

Café del Mondo is more than just a pub. We want to provide people with an experience. Café del Mondo is, therefore, also more than just a small venue. It's a place where things really happen. There is live music two nights a week. Gipsy and jazz on Thursday evenings. Nice and easy listening. On Saturday, the place goes wild with a live band. Pop, rock, funk and disco. Few locations in Amsterdam offer live music these days, except for the well-known pop temples, of course. If you are looking for good live music; accessible, small-scale and above all, fun, then Café del Mondo is the place to be! Moreover, entrance is free.

Café del Mondo Ajax Live


Ajax fans can find Café del Mondo with their eyes closed. We are hard-core fans, a fact which cannot be ignored by anyone visiting Café del Mondo. It is no accident that a fine photo of Johan Cruijff and his friends hangs on the wall. 'When Ajax plays, we always broadcast the matches live, supported with the finest sound. We transform our café into a miniature Johan Cruijff Arena.' Even rival Feyenoord fans know about the 'Ajax café'. 'Whenever we lose, we get telephone calls from anonymous Feyenoorders wanting to rub it in. We actually see that as a huge compliment.'



Café del Mondo Hapjes en Drankjes


Café del Mondo serves fine breakfasts, delicious lunches and tasty snacks to go with your drinks. The only thing we do not serve is dinner, which is a conscious decision on our part. What we do serve, we select with the utmost care. The apple pie on your plate is still fresh from the oven, the coffee is organically grown and fair trade. This also goes for the wine. We have a fine selection of beers and liquors, such as Jack Daniels whiskey, which also sponsors our live music evenings. And our snacks come from the best local suppliers. Come and taste for yourself!

Stop by!

Café del Mondo is your vibrant hotspot for that typical Amsterdam atmosphere. Friendly, no-nonsense and extremely welcoming,
Café del Mondo is popular with foreign tourists, Dutch visitors,
and true Amsterdam locals alike. You will have no problems fitting
in here. We gladly welcome you on our terrace or at the bar.

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